Monday, February 11, 2013

happy monday....

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I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I...
  • bought Brian his Valentine / Anniversary gift and gave him the R 1 driver (Correction from original post and thank you Tom).  It was a total surprist and my heart was so happy to see his excitiment.
  • spoke with the skiers in Colorado who were more than "bushed" on Friday, so bushed that they said there would be no skiing on Saturday.
  • put together some Valentine's Day and birthday gifts.
  • followed the Red vs. White rugby match.
  • met our sweet Sarah and Chris at The House Pub for a birthday / Valentine's Day celebration which was lovely.
  • made linguini and clam sauce and beef short ribs and chicken cacciatore for today.
  • went to see Side Effects...a good movie to experience on a rainy Sunday.
  • organized my recipes.
Happy Valentine's Day week!

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