Wednesday, February 20, 2013

cheer me up wednesday...

Joanna Goddard’s feature on arranging flowers is almost gorgeous enough to inspire me to arrange my own flowers. (But I do not entirely lack the domestic chip. Sewed three buttons on a peacoat last night—with a needle and thread and a thimble and everything.)Arrangement by Kendra Smoot and photo by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo.

My job has been insane for weeks.  I literally do not stop all day and I cannot keep up with all the phone calls and meetings and grading that needs to be done.  Last night, sadly enough, I was up for hours thinking about students who just don't care...we call them "won't dos" and today is a 13 hour day for me as I am working, have an after school meeting and then will be at our Science Fair until 8.  Cheer me up, please, on this Wednesday!

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