Tuesday, January 8, 2019

new year, new resolution, new word...

If you know me, you know I love starting the new year as it means the pages of a book about your life for that upcoming year are empty...the story of the next 365 days is ready to be written. How wonderful is that? A fresh start awaits us with every new year.
It has taken me awhile to decide on my resolution and word this year, I think, because I've been a bit under the weather which is fine. I have learned that it is okay to be patient when making big decisions; we should be patient, right?
So, here is my plan and it seems to revolve around improving my mind, body and soul which I discovered, after the fact. That is a good thing!

2019 New Year's Resolutions

Increase vegetable and fruit intake.

Intentionally connect with family and friends.

Be adventurous once a month.

Decrease my weight by December 31 by 15 pounds.

Word of the Year

"Be Aware"

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